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School of Sanctuary Award


In March 2020, all three schools in the trust were delighted to receive the prestigious 'School of Sanctuary Award' - the first schools in Manchester to get this! A School of Sanctuary is a school that is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary. The School of Sanctuary Award is given by the City of Sanctuary movement to schools that have an exceptional commitment to diversity and have consistently put the sanctuary principles into practice.


The judges said that they were massively impressed by all the wonderful initiatives that they had seen. One judge said she wished that she was a teacher at one of our schools and another judge wished that he was a pupil there! They all felt certain that the work they had seen were excellent examples that  they could highlight to schools nationwide calling us 'sanctuary champions.'  "You clearly continue to adapt your creativity & resources to meet a variety of changing needs & criteria,"  they noted, referring to our work on bringing communities together to foster harmonious relationships. 

The Colours of Us

As a Trust, we have been celebrating all the different skin tones in each class. After using the book, 'The Colours of Us,' as a stimulus, the children had a go at painting their skin tones mixing the colours using paints - the younger children used flesh tone watercolour pencils / crayons. Some children used similes to describe their skin tones, just like in the book. For example, "My skin colour is like sweet caramel." "The
colour of my skin is like a soft, sandy beach." "My skin colour is like sweet honey." "The colour of my skin is like yummy brownies.“ Children described their skin colour as special, beautiful and something that made them proud. Many agreed that if we were all the same, life would be very boring! We displayed our work in school and are sharing these virtually for all to see!

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We are delighted to announce that Cringle Brook Primary has been awarded the British Council International Schools GOLD award!

Mrs Asif and staff have worked really hard and Cringle Brook has moved from Bronze level, right to Gold!

The judges were very impressed commenting,

"Such energy, enthusiasm and excellence! This application from Cringle Brook Primary meets the criteria for International School Award Accreditation, and so it is approved. In fact the website ‘ diversity’ tab would almost secure the award on its own! In the official application there are informative opening sections with some lengthy scene setting narrative and excellent quotes throughout e.g. OFSTED noted that "Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is rooted in the daily experiences planned for them. The pupils are taught that though small in this world, the difference they can make is great." A pupil told the inspector, ‘It is very important to have lots of different faiths and languages. If we didn’t, the world would be very boring." The seven activities impressively all have purposeful overseas collaboration most with a modern languages focus through Spanish or the school’s non-English native speakers. The assessor was particularly impressed by the way in which the school works so hard to keep harmonious relationships in the school community by their commitment to diversity - celebrating similarities between cultures and religions and reinforcing positive contributions from BAME groups. This application was a joy to read and assess"

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