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Black History Month at Kingsway Community Trust:


BHM takes place every October to remember the significant achievements of black people from  the past and present. In the UK, it has a BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) focus which means other ethnic groups as well as black. This is important because we live in a diverse society, which includes people from many different backgrounds. Our school is a fantastic example of diversity! Sadly, racism still exists today, so by celebrating Black History Month, we aim to promote BAME people in a positive light thus creating a greater understanding in our school community.


In school, as well as the year group BHM assembly, the other year groups did a BHM session, linked to their Autumn 1 topic. 


These were:

Year 1: Good to be Me - celebrating similarities and differences of their class. There are interesting differences but we also have lots in common!

Year 2:  The Victorians - a focus on Abdul Karim, servant and friend of Queen Victoria despite others frowning upon their closeness. The Queen enjoyed his curries and even learnt Urdu from him! Despite evidence of their extraordinary friendship being destroyed, it was eventually uncovered and a movie made about it. The children also looked at Mary Seacole, a nurse who was rejected from helping in the Crimean War, but set up her own hotel for wounded soldiers and even treated them on the battlefield. They called her 'Mother Mary' but she was forgotten about for a hundred years. However, today we remember her and a statue of her now stands in London.

Year 3: Ancient Egypt - a celebration of some famous Egyptians today. 1. Mo Salah, popular and talented footballer for Liverpool FC.  2. Sir Magdi Yacoub, award  - winning heart surgeon and humanitarian who has won a Pride of Britain award. 

Year 4: The Tudors - a focus on John Blanke, royal trumpeter to both Henry VII and Henry VIII. 

Year 5: BHM assembly. Civil Rights leaders, both past and present, were celebrated: Martin Luther King, Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai and Colin Kaepernick. 

Click here to take a look at the Assembly powerpoint for Cringle Brook!

We are delighted to announce that Cringle Brook Primary has been awarded the British Council International Schools GOLD award!

Mrs Asif and staff have worked really hard and Cringle Brook has moved from Bronze level, right to Gold!

The judges were very impressed commenting,

"Such energy, enthusiasm and excellence! This application from Cringle Brook Primary meets the criteria for International School Award Accreditation, and so it is approved. In fact the website ‘ diversity’ tab would almost secure the award on its own! In the official application there are informative opening sections with some lengthy scene setting narrative and excellent quotes throughout e.g. OFSTED noted that "Pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is rooted in the daily experiences planned for them. The pupils are taught that though small in this world, the difference they can make is great." A pupil told the inspector, ‘It is very important to have lots of different faiths and languages. If we didn’t, the world would be very boring." The seven activities impressively all have purposeful overseas collaboration most with a modern languages focus through Spanish or the school’s non-English native speakers. The assessor was particularly impressed by the way in which the school works so hard to keep harmonious relationships in the school community by their commitment to diversity - celebrating similarities between cultures and religions and reinforcing positive contributions from BAME groups. This application was a joy to read and assess"

At a Manchester Museum Teach Meet event in December 2016 we were invited to talk and share the links our Trust Schools have with schools in other countries.

During the event the British Council, who were there, presented us with a surprise award for outstanding international work for the whole Kingsway Community Trust.


The British Council said they had been following our work on our websites and were really impressed by our work as a Trust and felt that they had to acknowledge and celebrate this. This is a special recognition because they have never awarded an award to a Trust before!

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