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MFL at Cringle Brook

and at our other Trust schools


Our MFL curriculum is based around the National Curriculum. By the end of year 6, children should be enthusiastic about learning other languages and have clear, personalised strategies that can support them to be life-long language learners. They should be able to identify similarities and differences between Spanish and English and communicate about a range of topics relevant to their lives.  The children will also broaden their understanding of the world and appreciate cultures within Spanish speaking countries.

¡Bienvenidos! At Kingsway Trust in Key Stage 2 we have fun learning Spanish and build confidence in our speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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We learn a new set of vocabulary each half term and record them in a way that suits us.

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We use our Spanish phonics to work hard on our pronunciation to sound as authentic as we can.

We put our new vocabulary into questions and learn different ways we can answer them. We build different sentences to talk and write about our lives and other people.


We notice the things that are different in Spanish and English, like grammar, written accents and punctuation.

We read about familiar topics and apply our reading skills to scan for answers.  Sometimes we need to use bilingual dictionaries if we want to translate unfamiliar words.

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We have a partner school in Madrid who we love sending postcards and letters to. At Christmas time we exchange Christmas cards as well as writing about ourselves and Manchester.

We love learning Spanish for lots of different reasons!

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