Our School Meals

At Cringle Brook Primary, we use Manchester Fayre to provide our school meal service.  The children are offered a choice of cooked meals, including a vegetarian option and a Halal option and a choice of  desserts. Salad, fruit and extra bread is always available. Meals are eaten in the school hall. 


Are you eligible for Free School Meals?


Free school meals are available to some children according to family income. It is important to register for entitlement to free school meals, even if your child is in Reception, Year 1. This is so we may receive additional funding (called the pupil premium) which we may use to help your child.


Children are entitled to Free School Meals if their parents, carers or guardians receive any of the following:


Income support

Income based job seekers allowance

Income related employment and support allowance

Guarantee pension credit

Child Tax Credit, but not Working Tax Credit, and an annual income lower than the limit set by the


Working Tax Credit Run On because you have ceased work or reduced your working hours to less than 16

Children who have milk usually drink it just before or after their morning playtime.



A small carton of milk is given daily to all children in the nursery for free.  We also provide free milk for the autumn term to children in the Reception classes.  Milk for children in reception classes for spring and summer term is chargeable at £7 per term.   


Milk may be purchased for those children in any other year groups.  Milk may be bought in advance. It costs £21 for the entire school year, or £7 if paid each term.


Children who have milk usually drink it just before or after their morning playtime.

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