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Our Staff 


Mrs Vyas - Executive Headteacher

Miss Chase - Head of School, Head of School - click here to find out more about Miss Chase

Mr Porter - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Asif - Assistant Headteacher for EAL and Equality


Class Teacher - Miss Clegg

Teaching Assistant - Miss Beecher

Teaching Assistant - 

Reading Assistant/ Senior Lunchtime Organiser - Mrs Scott

Year 2

Class Teacher: Miss Barrow/Miss Tierney

Teaching Assistant - Miss Avdiasi

Reading Assistant - Mrs Begum


Year 4

Class Teachers: Ms Mahmood

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Choudary

Reading Assistant: Ms Williams

Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Webber 

Teaching Assistant: Ms Madden

Reading Assistant: Mrs Begum


Year 3

Class Teacher: Mr Allison

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Choudhary

Reading Assistant: Ms Williams

Year 5

Class Teacher- Miss Nuttall

Teaching Assistant: Miss Tasker

Year 6

Class Teacher: Mrs Bower

Teaching Assistant: Miss Tasker

Additional Support Staff

Mrs Anjam, Mrs Vernon, Miss Yuen

Teaching Staff Across the School

Mrs Warner - Cover Teacher

Mrs Asif - EAL Lead

Mrs Bullock - Speech and Language Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - SEN & EAL Teaching Assistant

Admin  Staff


Mrs Siddique- Administration Officer

Mrs Flynn - Administration Officer

Lunchtime Staff

Miss Lou - Catering Manager

Ms Huggins - Catering Staff

Miss Rulal - Catering Staff

Mrs Mohmud - Catering Staff

Mrs Ahmad - Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Tanveer - Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Ross - Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Flanagan  - Lunchtime Organiser

Sports Coaches

Ryan the Lion



Maintenance Staff

Mr Holt- Caretaker

Mrs Arnott - Cleaner

Mrs Porter - Cleaner

Staff Across the Trust

Mrs Khan - Personnel and Premises Manager

Mrs Beecher - Personal Assistant to Executive Head & Heads of School/Governance & Compliance Manager

Mrs Cogswell - Finance Manager

Mrs Usher - Finance & Operations Director

Mrs Clark - Parent Support Worker

Mrs Kiernan - Attendance Support Worker

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