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Year 3 link with Olmoti school and 'Born Free' in Kenya, Africa!


Because Year 3's topic focused on animal conservation around the world, they were delighted to get a letter from Olmoti  school in Kenya which works very closely with the charity 'Born Free.' 

'Born Free' helps  the school to learn about and care for the amazing animals in their environment - as some are sadly now endangered. 


Our Year 3  children then asked the children in Olmoti school  further questions such as:


Which types of animals do you look after?


Why do you look after them?


How do you look after them in school?


What else do you do to help?


What can we do to help?



We received some great pictures, videos (including a live web cam!) and information. 


Inspired, we decided to write persuasive letters to the poachers to try to make them think of the terrible results of their actions. 

We also learnt more about Kenya in Africa.

Kenya - like other countries in Africa - has cities as well as villages, people who are rich and people who are poorer - just like anywhere else in the world. 


It was interesting to learn that a lot of our tea and coffee comes from Kenya! 


We agreed that their wildlife really was awesome and we  were thankful that we could link with them to find out more about helping these wonderful, yet endangered, animals. 

Find out more about Born Free:

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