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Eco at Cringle Brook

and at our other Trust schools

To recognise that all children across the school in each year group can have a major impact on the environment and our world. They are given opportunities to discuss, explore and take action to help our school become more eco friendly! We strive to instill passion in the children, which will encourage them to look after the planet and protect it for their future. We have regular eco competitions throughout the year to help motivate children to get involved and make a difference!
Eco's intent is threaded throughout the curriculum and implemented into daily activities.
Through our geography and English curriculum children are taught about environmental problems, locally, nationally and internationally. From litter in the community in Reception to saving The Amazon Rainforest in Year 6. We teach children how they can help to make a difference within their own communities and beyond.
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During English lessons, KS 1 children have been exploring a text on how to become an Eco Warrior.
Our philosophy around school is to promote the 3 r’s; reduce, reuse, recycle and inspire children to be more sustainable.
The children in KS2 wrote a newspaper report explaining why humans should not litter and the effects it has on the environment, especially animals.
Children in Cringle Brook have been on the hunt around school to pick up litter to ensure we have a clean and safe environment.
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The eco councillors get together every week to help keep our courtyard clean.
Every child in the school has access to their own reusable water bottle, which promotes one of our r’s.
To stop food waste children choose their school lunches the day before so kitchen staff cook the correct amount of lunches each day. Any surplus lunches are packed and placed in the staffroom for teachers to take home. 

Each year group has made pledges on how their class can make a difference to our school.

KS1 are focusing on making sure they are recycling and using the proper bins.

KS2’s main focus is on ensuring that they are not littering on the playground, and any litter they see they are picking it up


As a school we are trying to become paperless. Parents are sent messages and letters via an app on Seesaw and homework is also uploaded on there to reduce the amount of paper being used.

As a school we have placed great emphasis on all children to either walk, cycle or scoot to school. Throughout the year, there is a termly walking chart competition for the whole school, it motivates children to become more fit and reduce the amount of transport used.

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