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Cringle Brook Primary is happy to offer an open door policy with regards to all parents concerns.


Class Teachers are always available before and after school to deal with any day to day issues. Teachers are willing to make longer appointments if the concern is more serious or needs exploration. Alternatively teachers can ring you at a time both convenient to them and you.


The Executive Head Teacher - When Mrs Vyas is in school and free, she is delighted to see any parents or take calls. Mrs Vyas splits her time between the three schools so is regularly in all of them.


The Head of School, Miss Chase, if available, can generally see you during the day, however on occasions appointments may have to be made. Miss Chase is happy to talk to you in person, over the phone or through email.


Mrs Clark, the Trust's Parent Support Advisor, is in school most Tuesdays and again appointments are available. Alternatively leave your details with the school office and Mrs Clark can ring you at a convenient time. If you need support with translation, one of our EAL staff may ring on her behalf. Furthermore, there is a coffee morning held every Tuesday at 9am where small concerns or worries can be discussed with a member of the team.


For complaints of a more serious nature, a complaint should be made in writing to the Executive Headteacher who will investigate and give a response within ten days. Please see our Complaints Policy for future details.

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