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Linking, Learning and Letter Writing!


Year 2 children at Cringle Brook, who are studying the Continents topic, 'Wish You Were Here' received a letter from our amazing link school in Pakistan - Roots International school in Rawalpindi. They eagerly wrote back!

Read all the fantastic letters on their padlet: 

Although the two classes are from different countries, with different cultures, they both found things which were similar for both of them - playing on iPads, watching cartoons and eating at Mcdonald's! 


We also found out an interesting fact about Pakistan - did you know  that 42 million soccer balls were exported from Sialkot ahead of the FIFA World Cup?

Also, related to the World Cup, look what Roots school in Pakistan sent us to watch! Isn't it an amazing fact?

Natural Disasters - Year 3 Topic: learning more by interviewing our friends at Roots School, Pakistan. 

When Roots school heard that Year 3 children in our school were learning about Natural Disasters, they sent them some useful videos based on their experiences and our questions. Can you believe that there was an earthquake while they were in school? How scary! Luckily, everyone was OK but they have now all had special training in case it happens again - we hope not. 


Thank you for sharing these! We will be using them in our assembly!

Our link school in Pakistan is called the Roots Montessori International School and is situated in Rawalpindi.      



We have been lucky enough to have lots of enthusiastic teachers and children from the school (including from different campuses) participating across our trust with different year group projects! Thank you for everyone's hard work.

Year 1 children at Cringle Brook, linked with Roots school for their 'Transport' topic.


They compared and contrasted transport.


Both countries have buses but the ones in Pakistan are very colourful and also very crowded!

We loved the rickshaws in Pakistan!


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