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Curriculum Documents

Our curriculum intent is to take the children on a journey from nursery through to year 6. It is an ambitious curriculum that has been developed with the children’s starting points in mind and adapted from the National Curriculum to ensure it is broad, balanced and challenging. The curriculum will develop in all children the skills, knowledge and behaviours in all areas to help them thrive in Key Stage 3 and beyond.

The Cringle Brook curriculum is based on the effective approaches developed at both Ladybarn and Green End schools that have seen marked improvement in both pupil achievement and progress against national and local benchmarks.


It is created on the basis of capturing children’s interest and imagination through all subjects. It draws on relevant learning experiences and involves a significant level of first hand experiences for all children. The learning will challenge all children across the breadth of academic areas.


There is a strong emphasis on the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Both the basic skills curriculum and the wider learning opportunities and experiences are individually designed by our staff for our school and our children. This ensures that the children are highly motivated and inspired by a tailor-made curriculum which fully meets their learning needs. A focus on first hand experiences ensures that children are able to move from the concrete to the abstract in their learning, applying skills and learning to different challenges. The children will develop excellent communication skills which will enhance their learning in Literacy and also lead to them becoming confident and articulate 11 year olds, able to speak confidently in a range of formal situations.

All children will be motivated to maximise their sporting skills and the school employs specialists to achieve this. There are  weekly competitive opportunities across the Trust and within the locality. In addition, our pastoral support programmes is innovative and personalised. All children are fully nurtured and supported to ensure that they are equipped with the skills to succeed highly in secondary education and beyond.

To get a flavour of our curriculum in action - click here. 

To see a child's curriculum journey in a year - click here

To look at our curriculum documents, click on the subject buttons below. To obtain any further information about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Vyas -


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